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Video Games Aren't Special (Episode 29)

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We invited Dia Lacina back to the show to talk about how there are just Too Many Games out right now and how we choose to play what we can.

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Guest and Topic Intro (00:00:36)

Dia Lacina joins us this week to talk about a the ridiculous number of major video game releases over the last months, what we think of them and how we choose what to play.

What we've been up to (00:01:25)




Too Many Games!! (00:42:55)

Big releases we talked about:

(01:08:00) How many complex storylines are you able to juggle mentally? Do you try to play multiple big games during the same time frame? @alatinolawyer

(01:12:00) I find myself not wanting to dedicate 40 hours to a new game anymore. And there are great new games that are more casual these days. Thoughts? @UrzasRage

(01:12:30) Highly anticipated smaller games:

(01:22:37) Do you ever jump into the middle of an established series if you haven't played the previous games but the newest seems like a standout game (e.g. Witcher 3) or do you feel the need to play the earlier games first? @The_Doc_Webb

(01:28:42) Inspired by a top 10 by Austin Walker and Dia's article on ME:A - Top 5 games to watch LPs of or discourse about without playing? @devoted_pupa

(01:35:00) How influential is knowing your friends (or others) will be playing a game, and therefore discussing it, as a motivation for you to play too? @alatlinolawyer

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