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45 Minutes of Swamp Thing (Episode 4)

Episode Summary

This week we talk to Adam Koebel, co-designer of Dungeon World and full-time Twitch streamer about tabletop roleplaying.

Episode Notes

Today's topics:

Guest Introduction 00:01:25

We introduce our guest, Adam Koebel and talk a little about what he does for a living.

What we've been doing 00:05:30

Pam - @jasyla_ , Cannot Be Tamed

Adam - @skinnyghost,, Twitch channel

Riley - @kaleri_

Tabletop Roleplaying Games 00:36:45

Listener Questions 01:19:22

@grnmushroom: I'd love to know how to get into Tabletop RPGs with a smaller gaming group. Like 2-3 people.

@The_Doc_Webb: I'd love to hear some discussion of oddball tabletop RPGs. I'd humbly suggest HōL (Human Occupied Landfill), + which is handwritten, looks like a '90s zine, and reads like a fever dream

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